We're on a mission to reimagine and fundamentally transform how people travel outdoors.

VP of Engineering / Founding Engineering Lead

VP of Engineering / Founding Engineering Lead
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Engineering + Dev
November 2, 2021
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BookOutdoors is reimagining what the outdoor travel experience can (and should) be. 🎉


The founders are successful tech entrepreneurs ($2B+ in exits) and outdoor travel industry titans, our investors are some of the best in the country (see below), and our ambitions are lofty, but our work/life balance is down to earth.


We believe getting outdoors is the remedy for our modern, connected lives.


Agree? Help us reimagine and fundamentally transform how people travel outdoors.

Who we want to work with

  • 🏕 🏝 People who love the outdoors and care about protecting the planet for future generations
  • 🤗 😎 People with a positive mindset who believe something good is just about to happen
  • 💪 🤩 Competitive people who are constantly striving to become a better version of themselves

VP of Engineering

Join as a founding team member and create a reimagined experience for planning and booking outdoor travel. Use cutting edge technology and think outside the box to build and launch a web and mobile-based marketplace platform and reservation system. Integrate with top technology partners to elevate the overall customer experience. Recruit, build, and lead a customer-focused, high quality engineering organization. Do what you love, and love what you do.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Roll up your sleeves and collab with the founding team to think outside the box and identify unique opportunities and strategies for rapid company growth
  • Lead with a strategic mindset focusing on growing the business in an intelligent way so as to achieve all desired goals with less effort
  • Choosing in accordance with other departments which metrics/KPIs to focus on and how to capture existing demand
  • A/B testing ideas, analyzing the data, and exchanging ideas with other departments in order to present results and make the product more user-centric
  • Understand Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) principles and hacks and being able to apply those hacks to the outdoor travel business
  • Prioritizing growth channels and understanding how to most effectively convert leads into users, customers and/or partners
  • Be knowledgeable about referral marketing and being able to create viral growth
  • Be entrepreneurial and wear a lot of hats

Why You Might Be a Great Fit

  • You love taking a product from zero-to-one, and equally love taking it from one-to-the-moon
  • You have experience leading high-performing engineering orgs in lean, agile- oriented companies
  • You have solid experience building both web and mobile apps and working with APIs
  • You’re experienced with designing and scaling systems for millions of requests
  • You’re a generalist and pragmatist that can use any toolchain to solve problems
  • You have a solid network of software engineers in your pocket
  • You're self-motivated and take pride in your team’s work
  • You’re comfortable with — not just tolerant of — change and uncertainty
  • You thrive in ambiguity and can make decisions quickly with imperfect information
    Bonus points
  • You love to go camping or RV’ing or just getting outdoors for some fresh air
  • You like to use technology to solve problems that makes people’s lives better
  • You still write code and like doing it, even just for fun
  • You’re fun, funny, and like to have a good time

Why you want to work with us

  • 🌎 Remote-first - You can work from anywhere, and all of our processes, communications, and culture will be designed remote-first. We’ll likely have office hubs in major cities (starting in Denver) where employees can work from if they want to, but won't be expected to.

  • ⚖️ Work-life balance - We don't expect you to spend 80+ hours a week, and we don't plan to, either. Yes, this is a startup, but if you're making an impact with less than 40 hours, great! Honestly, sometimes things get busy, but it shouldn't be the norm. We have lives outside of work, and we want you to as well. (all the founders have kids, so we know how it goes)

  • 🤑 Competitive compensation & benefits - We'll pay you a good amount, cover your health insurance, kit out your home office, make sure you take plenty of time off, and give you very early stage equity so when BookOutdoors wins, you win big!

  • 🤯 Amazing perks - We want you to use the thing you're building, so we'll give you "adventure bonuses" to travel outdoors. You'll also get parental leave for all parents, mandatory birthday holidays, reimbursements for meditation app (Headspace, Calm, etc) and gym/Peloton memberships, plenty of company surprises and swag, and more.

  • 🥰 Great culture - We have fun celebrating our wins and each other. We believe in mental wellness. We're proud of our work. We come from diverse backgrounds and a place of respect. We love what we do and do what we love!

  • 💰 Amazing investors - We’re backed by leading VCs and investors from the largest travel and hospitality companies, including C-level executives from Expedia,, TripAdvisor, and Orbitz.

About The Company

We're on a mission to reimagine and fundamentally transform how people travel outdoors.

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