What are Paired’s membership requirements?
Paired members are founders, funders, and senior talent that work in and around Denver and Boulder's entrepreneurial, innovation, and tech ecosystem. Our membership experience is designed for those who have executive responsibilities within their organization. We vet applicants for executive seniority to ensure our members can get support from true peers.

We use a range of factors to determine if applicants meet membership criteria. As a baseline, members are expected to have 10+ years of experience, live in Colorado, and hold senior leadership responsibilities within their organization.

What benefits come with a Paired membership?
Monthly In-Person Event - Our varied, interesting and enjoyable experiences are built to nurture member connections - in real life.

This entails access to 12 social events a calendar year in Boulder & Denver, including:
-Four happy hours
-Four dinner parties
-Two breakfasts
-Two special events

1:1 Curated Connections - Each month we match members for intimate and focused 1:1 chats, and encourage the conversations to happen IRL.

Colorado's Best Rolodex - Paired’s membership directory facilitates warm introductions for our community to navigate and accelerate their networks.

What is Paired’s non-solicitation policy?
We understand the power of a strong network naturally leads members to doing business with each other, and we encourage this connection across our community. It is, however, critical that Paired is a trusted community for our members. We have a strict non-solicitation policy and do not allow proactive sales or marketing efforts within the Paired community for the sole purpose of driving future business.

Tell me about Paired’s sponsorship opportunities.
Our community is primarily composed of founders, investors, and senior operators. We offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities to trusted consultants and service providers. This includes unique participation and recognition in the Paired community. Contact us to learn more.