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A community of operators, founders and funders - by operators, founders and funders
In a post Covid-world where connection is synonymous with wifi signals and zoom meetings, we’ve set out to build a community of authentic, in-person social-professional connectedness. Right here in Colorado’s Front Range. 

In our modern work environment where many of us work remotely, it takes intention to engage in real-life and outside of our individual bubbles. So we built a platform to help us do it.

At Paired, we honor human connection as a fundamental need.

When we feel connected, we’re happier, healthier, and better versions of ourselves. That’s why we’ve set out to curate spaces and experiences to foster the growth and development of Colorado’s startup ecosystem and the exceptional people who shape it.

We’re on a mission to grow careers and companies through authentic, honest, and truly enjoyable connection.

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Our Team

Rye Finegan
Elyse Kent
Aaron Duke

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