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Paired is a curated, membership-based community and social club for Colorado startup leaders to connect, collaborate, and build companies.
Carly Jones
VP of Talent, Sourcegraph
Former VP, Salesloft & Xactly
paired professional community denver & boulder members
Gabe Cohen
VP of Solutions Discovery, Guild Education
Former VP, Lyft & Craftsy
Sushila Sahay
Chief Operating Officer, Lightbend
DEI Advisor
Aaron Clark
CEO & Founder, Justice Reskill
Denver Startup Week Track Chair
Elle Navarro Bruno
Managing Director, Techstars
Frm. Trunk Club
Paul Zeckser
Founder, Fresh Product Design
Former SVP, HomeAdvisor
Paired has been the most valuable local resource I've come across as a founder moving to Denver. I like that Colorado's startup community is tightly knit and supportive, and Paired is right at the center of it.

Kate Hopkins, Founder, OneGuide
What Paired is doing is absolutely fantastic and everything I was craving when I left NYC. As someone new to Denver, it has been amazing to meet a group of people that have similar professional experiences, but are also great people on an individual and personal level. We are all drinking from a fire hose as startup leaders, and having a sounding board for shared challenges is incredibly helpful. I think everyone should consider joining.

Jessica Krane, Head of Talent, Demoflow
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