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We simplify hiring by putting our network to work on your behalf.
Reach 1,000+ badass startup professionals & tap into our senior leaders network for added help.
Startup roles are never cookie cutter. Utilize our tools to find candidates who draw outside the lines.
Plug in an existing job link, or use our tools to write a better description and engage more candidates
Fewer than one in ten senior leaders find their jobs through job boards or traditional job searches. Paired is your direct line to the best leaders in Colorado.
The average true cost for a startup to fill an open role, often due to inefficient sourcing and expensive outsourcing.

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Get your role in front of a wide audience of talented job seekers.

Best For: Broadly promoting entry and mid-level open roles.
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Better than a job board, less expensive than a recruiting agency - Paired connects you with the best people for the job.

Best For: Everything - full-time roles, fractional needs, and beyond. This is Paired’s standard job post.
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Tap into the full power of the Paired community.

Best For: Major announcements, event promotion, product highlights, sharing deals and discounts, increasing brand awareness, and beyond.
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Includes company overview page

Each role is posted for 30 days
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Sent to nearly 1,000 Top Business Leaders within the Paired Network

Paired’s Quick Apply better engages busy senior leaders and passive candidates

Expand your reach through pre-vetted referrals from our members

Create a company profile to share your story and vision

Posted to the Paired Public Job List & shared in the Paired Job List Newsletter

Each Role is Posted for 30 Days
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Event promotion to the Paired community helps ensure that you get the right people in the room for your big event.

Have a major announcement that Paired's community needs to hear about? Sponsor our newsletter to get a dedicated space to spread the word.

Participate in intimate events to make connections with senior leaders and investors

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