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Our innovative approach to sourcing gets your open roles in front of the right people.

Let us do the hard work.

Save time by sending us an existing job link to get it shared. That's literally all of the steps.


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Premium job posts are shared with Colorado’s community of senior startup leaders at Paired who help share top talent from their networks.


Stand above the crowds.

Access true innovators who are looking for true startups. Our community of job seekers are looking for startup roles - ensure they find yours.

Fewer than one in ten senior leaders find their jobs through job boards or traditional job searches. Colorado Startup Jobs x Paired is your direct line to the best leaders in Colorado.
The annual cost of Built In Colorado's premium pay-to-play package.

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Basic Post
You do the work, we spread the word.
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Basic Post
We do the work & spread the word.
Just email us a link or job description - we'll do the rest
Shared with Paired's community of senior startup & tech leaders
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Better than a job board, less expensive than a recruiting agency - we connect you with the best people for the job.
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We diligently share your roles with key local communities to expand your reach.
Ensure job seekers know why your company is the right fit through simple content that highlights your mission and values.
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