Member Highlight: Carly Jones

Meet Carly Jones.

Carly Jones

Current Role: VP of Talent, Sourcegraph

Past Startups: SalesLoft, Xactly

Favorite Professional Tool: BrightHire

Hometown: Denver, CO

Pet's Names: Bailey the Dog & Janine the Turtle

What's your #1 professional focus right now?

Setting up a recruiting foundation that is scalable. Having just raised a round from Sequoia, our company is focused on people. Our headcount has grown by 34% and we'll likely double in size this year. That growth is significant for us and we need to establish a recruiting team and, importantly, the systems to ensure that we're well positioned for this exponential growth.

What innovation in your work are you most excited about?

I'm excited about BrightHire, which is a tool that records all of our applicant interviews. When I think about leveling the playing field for all candidates, a critical part of that is providing a consistent experience for each applicant. BrightHire allows us to be accountable to that consistency and ultimately focus more on the candidate during the interview, rather than taking notes. When we offer a candidate, it also helps us review our interviews and focus on an offer that aligns with their interests.

What's your mindset on Day #1 at a new startup?

Full observation mode. Day one is a weird balance of wanting to take things in, but also wanting to roll up your selves and get started. Some of the best advice that a mentor gave me was "as much as you want to go into action in the first 30 days, calm down and observe. You have a unique ability to see needed changes that the existing staff will view as routine; so use that first month to see through the norms so that you can make change down the road."

Tell us one surprising fact about you.

On my 6th birthday, a friend gave me a turtle. The turtle, Janine, is now 28 years old and the longest lasting gift that I've ever received. Though she now lives with my mom and only likes to eat cat food.

What's your ask for the Paired community?

I am desperate to hire a technical recruiter. Please help! I also need a Director of Product and a Director of Engineering and a Product Manager.... It's a lot and I would love great applicants or referrals from the Paired community!

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