Member Highlight: Ryan Harris

Meet Ryan Harris.

Ryan Harris

Current Roles: Super Bowl Champion, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Award Winning Broadcaster.

Past Roles: 10-year NFL Veteran, CEO & Founder of several healthcare and marketing startups.

Secret Talents: Multi-lingual (Spanish, Arabic & little Mandarin) and investing.

Hometown: St. Paul, MN.

Pet's Names: Chewbacca and Wilma (French Bulldogs).

Tell us about why you decided to write your book, Mindset for Mastery.
When you win the Super Bowl, everything you believe about yourself comes true for other people. I want people to have that moment in their life, to push through self doubt, failure, embarrassment, so they can enjoy the life of their dreams by choosing their mindset

Why are you currently studying Python & Data Analytics?
This is the future. Data also is an incredible tool in storytelling. I can tell you we need more diversity in the workplace, or I can show you the fact that hiring and retaining diverse talent increases profits 19%. Data is an entire way of language for many of us. Pulling that, collecting that, programming, sharing, protecting - this is where our future lies. I want to be a part of it.

What has your entrepreneurial journey looked like?
A long winding road with many turns - ha! To me entrepreneurship goes beyond starting a company - it lies in the intersection of curiosity, willingness, and perseverance. Many of us are entrepreneurs, we just don't recognize it.

What is a surprising fact about you?
I didn't start playing football until I was 14.  Specialization can create burnout.

How are you excited to engage with the Paired community?
I love supporting great people and connecting them to people who can help. We Win Together.

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