Member Highlight: Kate Hopkins

Meet Kate Hopkins. Founder of OneGuide, formerly growth equity, product at Amazon, and a unicorn Colorado native.

Kate Hopkins

Current Role: Founder, OneGuide

Previous Role: Vice President at Mainsail Partners

Free-Time Passions: Going uphill (hiking in the summer, backcountry skiing in the winter)

Hometown: Niwot, CO

Pet's Name: Wallace (the cat)

Give us the scoop on OneGuide and why you started the company.
OneGuide provides written how-to guides and 1:1 advisory calls to serve up the advice most often needed by fast-growing B2B startups. I previously worked with the portfolio companies of a SaaS investment firm, and I noticed similar tactical questions arising again and again. Small companies can’t always afford an experienced FTE or a big consulting project, but that shouldn’t mean they need to fly blind.

Your background is incredibly diverse - investing, product, consulting... What has been the common thread of your career that ties your journey together?
I love a role that calls for versatility. I lean jack-of-all-trades vs. specialist, and all of my jobs have allowed me to cultivate diverse interests, and develop varied skills.

What is the best piece of advice that you've been given?
Ask more questions. In pretty much any situation where the stakes feel high (closing a sale, winning over a new acquaintance, getting the best deal in a negotiation) questions are a good tactic.

What is an innovation in your work that you are excited about?
It's pretty incredible what you can build with codeless tools in 2021! OneGuide is built on a codeless stack (I believe Paired is too), and I'm always glad to compare notes with others who are going that route.

How has your life changed over the past year?
I haven't had a permanent address since summer 2020. I've been bouncing around CO, CA, NV, AK, NM, MT, ID, and UT. The secret is to bring a folding card table so that you can turn any Airbnb bedroom into an office.

What can the Paired community help you with?
If you're a leader of or an investor in a B2B tech company, I'd love to have you in our beta! Send me a note at

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