Member Highlight: Meghan Oliver

Meet Meghan Oliver.

Meghan Oliver

Current Role: Starting new role as VP Product and Operations, Curai Health.

Past Startups: BrightHealth & Nymbl Science - a Denver startup focused on older adult fall prevention.

My Side Hustle: In the early stages of developing a digital service that helps young and mid-career professionals stay warmly and authentically connected with people they know that can serve as a valuable career and life support in the future.

Hometown: Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Pet's Names: Guster! He is a 60lbs Labradoodle and is pure love.

What has made Denver a hub for HealthTech Innovation?
I moved to Denver three years ago with limited community connections outside of work. I was introduced to a handful of people and was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and open the community was. With the growing talent pool in Denver and the surrounding area + the welcoming nature of the community + the need for affordable and scalable solutions in health care, Denver is well-positioned to drive real change in the industry.

Tell us about your side hustle.
After leaving my previous job without my next thing lined up, I was faced with the uncomfortable situation that is all too familiar with many people mid-career: I have established great connections over the years through school, work, and community, but with the pace of life, I have lost touch with so many I would have liked to connect with. This motivated me to find a way to help people stay "warm and authentically" connected with the people they no longer interact with on a daily basis but have helped shape who he/she is today and can be of great value to them in the future. Plus, I firmly believe showing genuine gratitude and appreciation is what we all need right now.  I intend to keep this side gig going and hope to meet others interested in bringing this vision to life.

What is an innovation in your work (full-time or side) that you are excited about?
I am hopeful for the benefits of AI in healthcare - particularly when it comes to delivering affordable high-quality virtual care. If we can leverage AI to not only deliver TRULY affordable care to consumers but also arm providers with the insights to provide the best guidance, we can make high quality + low cost a reality.

What was an important, unexpected turn of events in your life?
I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years. I left Saskatchewan to attend the University of Utah on a swimming scholarship based on my race performance from an event I was not supposed to swim.

What can the Paired community help you with?
I am interested in meeting smart people doing interesting things in the world. While I look forward to feedback on my side hustle and willing to help out where I can, I am most interested in meeting brilliant people doing amazing things in the world and taking it from there.

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